Not only in poker, but also in many other sports and e-sports you will often come across the term “tilt”. The verb to tilt comes from the English and literally means “tilt” or “tilt”. In the context of poker, the word simply means that a player’s mood “tilts” and the player is frustrated. As a result, he may tend to make careless mistakes. Here we describe the state of mind in more detail and give you helpful tips on how to avoid the tilt when playing poker.
Definition: Tilt when playing poker
If you have lost many hands in a row or are angry about your own bad move or the behavior of an opponent and then make bets and make mistakes that you would not otherwise have made, then these are signs that you are “tilt”.
What exactly is a tilt and how does it come about?
A tilt in poker is almost always triggered by a certain negative experience that you have in the course of a hand or a tournament. For example, you are annoyed by a bad beat or your own mistake and as a result have a bad mood, are irritated or even upset, which affects your actions as a result. This state of mind in turn leads to further mistakes creeping in and you making decisions that you would never have made or made with a clear head. So it’s especially important to understand why you’re tilting, how the tilt affects you, and how you can avoid getting into such a situation.
Possible triggers:
Bad Beat: You lose a hand in extremely unfortunate circumstances
Your own mistake: You make a mistake while playing and are annoyed about it
Bad cards: you get many hands in a row without a playable hand
Verbal provocation: Another player provokes you until you tilt
Aggressive player at the table: An extremely aggressive player at the table causes you to lose patience
Bluffs: Even if one of your bluffs fails or you are bluffed, you can tilt
In addition, there can be numerous other factors, especially in live poker , that will get you killed. Each player has a different tilt threshold and other factors that cause him to “freak out”. Think back to situations in which you were really annoyed when playing poker and think about what triggered it. This is the best way for you to assess yourself and find out what makes you “run hot” and how you can avoid these situations.

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